Downtown Date Night

The atmosphere at Allsopp and Chapple is decidedly contemporary upscale casual with comfy leather chairs, and uncluttered décor.   

Out to dinner on a Friday night in Downtown Little Rock, my husband and I decided to try Allsopp and Chapple, a new establishment known for its signature burger.  True to my mission, when our drink order was requested, I asked for a Mocktail.  Our waiter unflinchingly replied that they didn’t have Mocktails per se, but he’d see what he could do. I’m not gonna lie, I totally appreciate a “can do” attitude, and the bartender fearlessly put something together.  What he came back to the table with was uncomplicated, yet satisfying; a fruity mixture of ginger beer and pineapple that turned out to be the perfect complement to my delish Farmer’s Market Hash.  As with all newborns, this baby came out nameless, so we christened it the Allsopp and Chapple fizz.

Would I return to Allsopp and Chapple, or recommend it to friends?  Without a doubt for the food, and for alcohol imbibers it’s a thumbs up.  For me, I look forward to a little Mocktail real estate on the menu.

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