We’re Number One!

Every journey starts with the first step.  I couldn’t imagine a better beginning than the exclusive tasting of the upcoming Spring Mocktail menu at The Fold restaurant.  Sarah Repp, the bar manager is the genius behind these spirit free libations.  We had talked a few days before about the void in grown-up, alcohol-free cocktails, and how she wanted to create a new menu for spring.  I was more than happy to oblige as a guinea pig, so a few friends and I got together on a gray February afternoon to experiment.  In stark contrast, when we arrived a rainbow of color shone from the bar with six absolutely delicious creations.  From white to pastel green and pink to the most saturated indigo-red, each in an individually shaped glass. 

These were no ordinary non-alcoholic drinks.  No, these were Mocktails with a capital M!  Each one had an identity of its own, and none were a disappointment. There was a standard virgin pina colada that was light as a feather in its tropical sweetness.  My personal favorite was an herby rosemary citrus combination that you could easily sip on a hot summer evening.  We all decided that the drink we called “Berry Minty” was the perfect first date drink because it was refreshingly fruity and left your breath smelling great.  One tasted like Skittles, but not as sweet.  We called that one “Taste the Rainbow”.  There was a yummy cucumber mint combo that was spring in a glass, and a Pear Collins that brought sophisticated Rat Pack thoughts to mind.

Everyone agreed that they wouldn’t feel less-than if they ordered any of these Mocktails when out with friends for drinks.  Each drink had complex flavors that deserved to be savored, and I left absolutely effervescent with joy. What a way to start! Sarah completely gets it when it comes to Mocktails, and I look forward to many visits to The Fold to see what she invents next.