Mocktails at Sauce(d) That’s What’s Up

Just another National Margarita Day, and I’m hard at work on the lookout for Little Rock’s finest Mock-arita offerings. 

Sauce(d) Mock-arita

Since Sauce(d) had been on my wish-list of restaurants to try for a while, I decided to see what  sort of boozeless  cocktail they might have to celebrate national margarita day.  Now, for the most part in this adventure I’ve encountered puzzled faces when ordering Mocktails, which held true at Sauce(d) at first, but then…Wow!  With a mischievous smile, the lovely and talented Emily walked away to create.  She returned with a light, refreshing Mock-arita full of flavor that had me sipping with joy.  It was so good, I decided to stay a while.

I think it was how game Emily was to devise new drinks that kept me in my seat not wanting to leave.  I settled in and ordered another one, but something different.  For any of you who read my blog, this Mocktail movement that I am trying to generate does have a genuine purpose, but also provides wonderful moments of connecting with new people.  Emily’s enthusiasm behind the bar was so contagious, I gave something else a try.   My new side challenge is to have a drink named after me, so I asked if she could make a “Motini”.  That devilish grin reappeared, and she asked me to describe myself in three words.  “Not sweet, straightforward, and loving”,  I tossed back to her as she left.   She returned with much swagger, and rightfully so.  If I were a Mocktail this is what I would be.  In a stemless martini glass was a deep berry red fusion of flavors with a distinct zap of lime.  At first the not-too-sweet berries played with my taste buds, and then the citrus zinged like a lightning bolt that made me smack my lips and pucker  a little.  Yep, she nailed it!  My friends tasted it and we all giggled in agreement – flavorful, not too sweet, with a punch at the end.


It was time to go, and I have to say that an entertaining afternoon was had by all.  The best part was that after leaving a bar I drove home and didn’t have to think “be cool…be cool”, behind the wheel.  I just drove home.  A big “Thank You” to Sauce(d) and Emily for a fun Margarita Day.