Mocktail MO’s Little Rock Mocktail Guide

Curious about “Mindful Drinking” or what a Dry January or Sober October might mean for you?  If you’re interested in making modifications, if not all out prohibition in your drinking habits, January might be the time to take some time off.

Taking a month to put some distance between you and over indulgence is not a bad idea.  The good news is it doesn’t have to include you wearing a shroud and acting like a monk.  Being sober can actually include being social.  No need to worry about club soda as your only option when out and about.  Whether it’s “Dry January” or “Dry Any Day”, there are quite a few places in Little Rock to go out with friends and enjoy an actual cocktail without the consequence.   

                …Welcome to the land of Mocktails!

Some of the drinks I have had the pleasure of trying, and some I look forward to tasting soon.  Check back with the guide every so often because menus are always changing.

Places with Mocktails on the Menu:


  • Peter Webber – Cold brew Coffee and Lemonade
  • Clean Sheet – Pineapple Juice, Ginger beer, Caramelized Pineapple
  • Shliefer – An AF version of an Old Fashioned.
  • Mixed Doubles – Cold brew Coffee lime Honey syrup and Tropical nectar.

Atlas Bar: Winner of the Monarch of MOcktober crown for the Fruit Ninja –  A magical blend of fruit and tonic. 

Raduno :

  • Lavender Limonata – Limonata soda, Lavender Syrup, Lemon
  • For Your Health – Yerba mate syrup, Lemon juice, Ginger beer
  • Cherry Basil Tonic – Basil syrup, Grenadine, Tonic
  • Tiki Me Back to Summer – Grapefruit juice, pineapple juice, Simple syrup, Lemon lime soda, Soda water

Baja Grill:

  • Tastes like a Margarita 
  • Tastes like a Mojito
  • Tastes like a Moscow Mule
  • Tastes like a Spiked Cherry Limeade 

Mockingbird Bar and Taco: 

  • Cherry Lime Mockarita
  • Fauxjito


  • Mango Mule – Cucumber, Mango, Honey syrup, Ginger beer,Rosemary
  • Blueberry Smash – Blueberries, Rosemary, Honey syrup, Lemon, Sparkling water
  • Strawberry Fields – Strawberry syrup, Hibiscus syrup, Soda, Lime

Heights Taco and Tamale:

  • Mercantile Soda No. 1 – Pinapple syrup, Cucumber water, Lemon juice, Soda water
  • Tesote – Black tea, Lemon juice, Simple syrup

The Heights Pizzeria

  • Phoebe’s Favorite – Ginger beer, Grapefruit juice, Muddled basil
  • Cranberry Limonata – Cranberry, Lemonade, Soda
  • Blood Orange Tea – Tea, Blood Orange juice, Simple syrup
  • Heineken Zero is also on the menu

The Fold:

  • Work Barbie – Lemon juice, Lavender syrup
  • The C.C. – Muddled cucumber, Mint, Lime juice, Soda water

Local Lime:

  • Two to Mango – Lime, Mango/Chile syrup, Sparkling water
  • Frida’s Fresca – Hibiscus/Rosehip syrup, Blueberries, Pineapple, Lime, Cream of coconut

Zeteo Coffee: The Orange Espresso is light, effervescent and completely uplifting.

**Teaberry Kombucha – Really in a category all it’s own.  Check them out for whatever new combo they are brewing.  Always a new discovery!

Places On Board with Making Mocktails:

They may not feature mocktails in print, but they are happy to make you one.

  • Kemuri –  Basil lime tonic and Tropical fruit Paradise  
  • South On Main – They are happy to make a “Virgin” anything you wish
  • Petit and Keet – The Dandelion and Dragon Fire are special off-menu mocktails not to be missed!
  • The Pantry – Their virgin Moscow Mule is pretty lip smacking!

What you can find at the Grocery Store

  • Kroger – Fre dealcoholized wine and Heineken Zero
  • Wal Mart – Heineken Zero
  • Trader Joes – Gerstel 0.5% beer
  • Fresh Market – H2Opps Water