Letting Le Bon Temps Rouler at Raduno

In preparation for Fat Tuesday, we in Little Rock like to party on like there actually is no tomorrow.  In the SoMa district the party begins with the Mardi Gras parade down Main Street, is followed by brunch at any one of the establishments in the area, and then continues until Ash Wednesday.  Not really…well maybe.

Mardi Gras Mocktails

 This year’s post parade brunch brought me to Raduno.   Now, I had been to Raduno before my unfortunate current state of health that prohibits me from imbibing alcohol, and had a lovely Bloody Mary garnished with a slice of pizza.  I knew they served Mocktails, and boy do they!  I have found my Nirvana on Main Street.  At Raduno there is actually a Mocktail menu with three drinks to choose from.  There is the Good Luck Chuck, the Cucumber and Limonata fusion, along with the To Your Health; all of which come with a description of ingredients, but no need.  The flavor alchemy is the product of Bo Bennett, whose wizardry begins in the garden.  Coming to Raduno after owning a juicing business, Bo has a wonderful understanding of how Mocktails should taste.  I have to confess that I had all three, and couldn’t for the life of me pick a favorite.  Each one is really complex in flavor and so worthy of taking one’s time to enjoy.  The edible flower garnish really brings the cocktail experience all the way home.  Nothing is missing.  Each drink is visually appealing and tastes fabulous. 

For all you good souls giving up the sauce for Lent, may I recommend Raduno for guilt-free cocktails?  Join me for forty days of hooch-free, booze less, sansahol, Mocktail bliss.  Of course, my mission will continue on, yours will end at Easter.

A Votre Santé

Mocktail MO