Mocktails…It’s a Thing

Bathroom tile floor seeking–toilette hugging- head pounding misery is where my story begins.  After turning 45 I began having recurring headaches that lasted for days. What brought the problem into sharp focus was three separate occasions when I had a single drink before dinner and ended up in the aforementioned position in the loo.  I was desperate for and answer, and saw a doctor who told me to wash my hands more – Hah!  Undaunted I searched the internet and discovered Alcohol Intolerance.  (Think of lactose intolerance but with booze.) The heavens opened and the angels sang.  Halleluiah!  Something that described my symptoms and made sense.  Except the part where the most common risk factor is being of Asian descent.  Uncertain, but I’ll roll with it. 

Problem identified, the solution to the problem is to not drink alcohol.  Now, I’m a gal who enjoys the social aspect of adult beverages like meeting friends for drinks, or having a bourbon while making pumpkin pies at Thanksgiving, and the midnight “chin-chin” of champagne flutes on New Year’s Eve.  Being alcohol free has really put a dent in celebrations.  What does a body do?  Have a Mocktail! 

I am on the hunt for Arkansas’ best non-alcoholic cocktail.  There are plenty of recipes online , but I’m curious what our foodie culture has to offer.  Please join me on my journey.  Together we will achieve oneness through Mocktails.