Dos Rocas – Ole’ Baby!

If I were an adventurer looking for mocktail treasure …   Oh, but I am and I have found an absolute gem at Dos Rocas Beer and Taco. Ok friends and followers, I do see a pattern in my return trips to the SoMa district, but so far I keep coming up with delightful mocktail finds.  What’s a girl to do?

Dos Rocas Cherry Lime Mockarita

It was another damp dreary Saturday afternoon, and I was restless to discover something new.  Dos Rocas had been on my radar with its simple unassuming lightbulb framed sign quietly inviting people in.  Curious about what was beyond the sign, Dos Rocas became the next watering hole to explore.  Inside, the vibe is casual and friendly.  I headed straight for the bar tucked away in the corner of the wide open restaurant space.  The usual thing happened when I asked Stephaney, the bar tender, for a mocktail.  “A what?” she asked back, confused.  After introducing myself and explaining my mission we were definitely on the same page.  I ordered a margarita and anything else alcohol-free she deemed appropriate.  Stephaney went to work on the margarita a little uncertain at first, but then everything seemed to click. Fresh lime juice and other tasty ingredients went into the rocks glass. The result was a pretty cool looking drink with a bright red layer at the bottom and lime wedge perched atop the salted rim. Everything in between was tangy lime lusciousness.  Stephany called it the mocktail version of their Cherry Lime Margarita.  Yes Ma’am! It was just what I wanted.  The balance of flavors of salt with the tartness of the drink was the perfect complement to my chorizo tacos. This mocktail deserves a permanent place on Dos Rocas menu as their signature alcohol alternative cocktail.  It looks and tastes like a drink for grown-ups that stands toe to toe with any “adult beverage”.  This drink is a definite jewel!  Next time you’re in Dos Rocas give it a try, and tell Stephaney Mocktail Mo sent you.

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