Don’t Put Me at the Kids Table

So.. Here we are at the start of something big.  It turns out that Mocktails are a thing starting to make traction in popular culture.   What an exciting time to be an imbiber of non-alcoholic bevs.  Up to now when I have gone to a restaurant and asked for a Mocktail it has been a hit-or-miss situation.  A couple of times I lucked into a bored, but creative bar tender who took the challenge and came through.  Mostly I‘ve been offered some version of a Shirley Temple, which is a sort of maraschino syrup soda, or fruity slushies. There must be another way to go out for drinks, and not feel like I should be sitting at the kids table.

What I’m looking for is a non-alcoholic drink for grown-ups.  Something that isn’t sweet enough to rot my teeth, or with a name reminiscent of a six-year-old in ringlets.  I am seeking a drink with a level of sophistication worthy of the name Cocktail.  How many more adults could be served if they were offered a menu of Mocktail creations?  Come on all you mixologists out there- you artisanal barkeeps;  I’m certain that if you put your mind to it…the sky’s the limit. 

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